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We provide bespoke services for managing and monitoring environmental impacts relating to demolition and construction works and industrial processes. Some related services include:


  • Development and implementation of environmental management plans;

  • s61 Prior Consent applications;

  • RBKC CoCP Assessments;

  • On-site investigations and audits.


We provide state-of-the-art unattended continuous monitoring for noise, vibration, and dust using integrated systems that combine data collection for all three parameters in just one place - a one-stop shop for all of your environmental monitoring needs. We service instrumentation, download and analyse data and produce technical reports to a complexity of your choice at a frequency of your choice, and deliver these to a mailing list of your choice. Alternatively, we can provide equipment on a hire and service only basis thus allowing you to arrange your own analysis and reporting of data.

We specialise in short-notice installations, Local Authority liaison to establish monitoring requirements, and providing advice on the setting of limits, and what actions to take on breaching limits.


We have no minimum or maximum order size, whether you need one noise monitor or ten of each type, we can help. We are not just installation engineers; we are qualified professional acoustic consultants and experts in the field. With transparent pricing structures and flexible contracts, we believe we are the best in the business. We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote so you can judge for yourselves!


For a bespoke quote

Bespoke solutions for

long-term monitoring of noise, vibration and dust

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