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We provide pre- & post-planning advice to address

effects of noise in the environment

We deliver consultancy services addressing all aspects of environmental acoustics across numerous sectors. This could include


  • Planning - Noise Impact Assessment of a wide range of activities from air-conditioning installations to scrap metal yards;

  • Environmental Statements for Environmental Impact Assessments;

  • Noise Control - advice on mitigating fan noise, music egress from venues, road and racing traffic noise and noise in the workplace;

  • Development of noise management and mitigation plans;

  • Long-term monitoring of industrial, manufacturing, demolition and construction noise to demonstrate compliance with limits.


We provide noise and vibration assessments to support a range of planning applications, measuring and assessing noise and vibration following recognised standards including BS4142: 2014.


We are fully equipped to gather noise and vibration data across the UK and abroad. We liaise with Local Authorities on a daily basis and work with planners, architects, designers contractors andaccross the country on projects involving grain dryers, wind turbines, kitchen extract fans and metal shears.


We use our in-depth knowledge of regulations, construction methods and systems, and the acoustic materials options available in the current market to provide the most practical and cost-effective mitigation solutions,  always taking pride in optimising design options.


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